Grades 1 -6 (PYP/ Bristish Curriculum/ American Curriculum / HK Local Curriculum)


At VIDHU LESSONS, our expertise lies in developing a solid foundation ensuring our students are well equipped for their future studies. At the heart of our approach, lies the ability to foster an inquisitive and analytical mind through interactive and engaging teaching methods.

We keep regular records of our students’ work, monitoring every lesson with a personal planner. Each student is given a planner along with their designated subject folder. We take periodical assessments, outlining all the topics covered in the previous lessons

We know how important it is for parents to know their child's progress therefore we mainatain a close connect with them and intend to have parents’ meetings several times a year.

Student and parent testimonials

When sourcing education for my children, I know the relationships between tutor and student are very important, in order to enable the children to engage with the learning process. Having entrusted the school many years ago, it seemed only natural to approach you for tutorial support at this time. You are a very talented teacher, who puts the students at ease, and enables learning to take place. Having taught Leo at this 7+ level, your tutorials are ‘priceless’ to me, because not only has he been successful, probably more important than his educational achievement, is that you developed his confidence in himself and his abilities. Your subliminal behavioral coaching skills enabled him to make the transition from primary to secondary. That is what sets you apart in my opinion.

___ From a school teacher and parent

Our specific approach

  • Gauging the strengths and weaknesses so as to develop a systematic academic plan
  • Developing our students creative, logical and analytical skills in order to foster an independent and confident problem solver
  • Interactive and engaging teaching methods so as to allow our students to enhance learner motivation and a keen interest in the subject area
  • Deep insight from experienced and qualified teachers


Subjects Offered





What our Students say:

Thank you Ms. Vidhu so much for helping me get a 7 in IB SL maths !! Without you, I wouldn't have achieved this high a grade. Your lessons were easy to understand, personal and flexible. The revision material were also really helpful. Thank you soooooo much!!!

__Chinatsu Hashimoto, Y13, IB, KGV.

Vidhu Lessons has really helped me improve a lot and also really enabled me to push the boundaries of my maths ability. Furthermore the atmosphere is very comfortable and the teaching is very good.

__Zubair Bhurtun, Y11, IGCSE, Shatin College.

Parent’s Testimonial:

Vidhu lessons has a great environment for the students to learn, study and excel. Teachers are well qualified and trained.Their notes and the test series enhance the learning process of the study. It is also cost efficient as compared to others institutes. My personal experience has been very good and I highly recommend any science, math learning aspirant to join.

__ Parent of one of our A Level Math students who study at Korean International School.

In life there are a handful of people who are instrumental in the path we take, consider yourself one of them in guiding our son . We are very proud of him.

__ Mrs Alexandra.


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