We offer a free educational and diagnostic assessment for every child and then create a personalised, individual programme of study to address each child's learning needs.

Lessons are taught by Qualified Teachers in small groups of  students, which helps us to get to know each student personally. The student to teacher ratio is smaller than an average classroom size, therefore our students get more teacher attention and feel more confident to ask questions than they may do in the classroom environment.They are also able to develop into independent learners and gain the confidence they need to excel.

There are 3 kinds of arrangement for Tutorial classes :


    We offer private tutoring for those students that need more private help with their studies. They will meet 1-on-1 with a tutor to go over their homework and any areas that might need improvement. 1-on-1 attention maximizes a student's time in a completely customizable experience. Work on what you want, when you need it.


    This is similar to our Private Tutoring, except the tutor will take on 2-4 students at a time. We offer this service as a cost effective and less expensive alternative to Private Tutoring. They will still go over the same process with the tutor, covering their homework and working on areas that need improvement.


    Group tutoring allows students to share strategies for learning while promoting cooperation and understanding. It provides opportunities for students to share experiences, learn from one another, build self-confidence, and develop study skills. Asking questions, engaging in group discussion, and practicing problems are among the strategies used to encourage participation and learning.

    In group lessons, students are able to come to a more complete understanding of the topic or question at hand by comparing their knowledge and answers with others. By explaining their answers to others they gain a more sound understanding.

    When discussing controversial topics, group classes have more ideas and more opinions to offer, which promotes a more sophisticated way of thinking. In group classes students can bounce of one another and there is a healthy competition between students to strive to be the best!

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What our Students say:

Thank you Ms. Vidhu so much for helping me get a 7 in IB SL maths !! Without you, I wouldn't have achieved this high a grade. Your lessons were easy to understand, personal and flexible. The revision material were also really helpful. Thank you soooooo much!!!

__Chinatsu Hashimoto, Y13, IB, KGV.

Vidhu Lessons has really helped me improve a lot and also really enabled me to push the boundaries of my maths ability. Furthermore the atmosphere is very comfortable and the teaching is very good.

__Zubair Bhurtun, Y11, IGCSE, Shatin College.

Parent’s Testimonial:

Vidhu lessons has a great environment for the students to learn, study and excel. Teachers are well qualified and trained.Their notes and the test series enhance the learning process of the study. It is also cost efficient as compared to others institutes. My personal experience has been very good and I highly recommend any science, math learning aspirant to join.

__ Parent of one of our A Level Math students who study at Korean International School.

In life there are a handful of people who are instrumental in the path we take, consider yourself one of them in guiding our son . We are very proud of him.

__ Mrs Alexandra.


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